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The Rich Pitch program is changing the way entrepreneurs build thriving businesses. It’s not a get rich scheme. It’s a combination of foundational business tools, confidence, self-worth and the science behind pricing strategies.

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"Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world."



Hello! My name is Marissa Loewen and I am a transformational business coach. What does that mean? Well, I stand in the intersection where life coaching and business coaching thrive. I have discovered that we can know all the right steps to making our business thrive but something still holds us back. We create excuses for success and we hide from failure. We live in the shadow of struggle when we really crave to be walk in the light of abundance.

With transformational coaching we look at the 360 degree view of the entrepreneur. We dive deep into personal relationships just as intensely as we discover our next big marketing campaign. We uncover all of the cracks in our confidence and we fill them with gorgeous self worth, appreciation and gratitude.

That’s where The Rich Pitch came from – I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs who are absolutely brilliant and have incredible ideas just on the verge of being launched that could change our world. But they don’t launch or they constantly undercharge or discount their products & services to the point where they are exhausted and can’t afford to run their business anymore.

We work with entrepreneurs, like you, to be so confident and self-aware that selling becomes easier and the perfect prices for your products becomes a natural part of the creation process.

I have over 14 years experience in marketing, communications, public relations and online advertising. I also have been an entrepreneur for over four years – I run a pop up company for temporary made local retail shops and art galleries, a brick & mortar store for made local products and my thriving transformational business coaching practice. I love working with creative entrepreneurs who are ready to build empires with global audiences.


The Rich Pitch is the sweet combination of confidence, mindset and the power that comes from knowing your business and the value it brings to your clients, customers and the world. It is part mindset shifts, part scientific pricing strategies.

It’s you standing in your power. It’s you charging what you’re worth. It’s you – every day working in your business.


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Your Disney Princess Entrepreneur Biz Bestie

This weekend in the middle of creating a perfectly wonderful but perfectly boring opt in that looks super professional, I decided to create something just fun.

I’m not going to lie, it took me almost 3 days to make. Mostly because I am channeling one of the Disney Princesses in perfection and because I fell in love with what I was writing about each of the Biz Besties.

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Break Free From The Expected

It can get really easy to stay in maintenance mode. Just living as you are because there is nothing immediately painful enough to cause you to change.

Couple that with the expectations of how we should behave – in our business, in public, towards people in power. It can keep us restricted and we never quite feel free.

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The Cost of a Job Interview

So someone I know was contacted for an interview. The prospective employer asks this person to complete a communications audit on their current plan and craft a strategy document with complete recommendations & tactics based on the audit to be presented at the interview.

The interviewee must also craft this in a document to be printed on 5 copies – oh and this is in 3 days.

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