Your Disney Princess Entrepreneur Biz Bestie

This weekend in the middle of creating a perfectly wonderful but perfectly boring opt in that looks super professional, I decided to create something just fun.

I’m not going to lie, it took me almost 3 days to make. Mostly because I am channeling one of the Disney Princesses in perfection and because I fell in love with what I was writing about each of the Biz Besties.

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Break Free From The Expected

It can get really easy to stay in maintenance mode. Just living as you are because there is nothing immediately painful enough to cause you to change.

Couple that with the expectations of how we should behave – in our business, in public, towards people in power. It can keep us restricted and we never quite feel free.

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The Cost of a Job Interview

So someone I know was contacted for an interview. The prospective employer asks this person to complete a communications audit on their current plan and craft a strategy document with complete recommendations & tactics based on the audit to be presented at the interview.

The interviewee must also craft this in a document to be printed on 5 copies – oh and this is in 3 days.

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Don’t BUY IT!!

Can we get a little straight talk here, pretty please? So here’s the deal – you see someone else in the periphery killin’ it. Or at least they look like they are killin’ it. They’ve got the fancy photoshoot, the shiny graphics and the sweet opt-in. They talk about making $35K in 35 minutes and they have you thinking all you gotta do is drop some sweet coin (or the credit card) and everything is going to be beautiful, right?

But you don’t know what’s really happening behind the scenes. You don’t know the copy they’ve lifted off another business’s website. You don’t know the struggles they have paying their bills every month.

You just get to see the shiny parts.

And some of these rockstars are killin’ it. But they aren’t killin’ it in sales – nope – they are killing entrepreneurs. They promise all the ripped off, morphed and distorted advice that someone somewhere in a marketing class started to say and they don’t actually show you how you can make a solid income from running your own business. They sell the dream and leave you to face the reality – which sadly is often an overdue credit card and a business sagging from the ground up.

Now, full disclaimer – I’m a transformational business coach. I fully know that what I don’t deliver is answers – but questions. I will keep asking you the hard questions you don’t want to ask yourself – from what do you want to get paid right down to the oh so popular “Why you?” and I will keep asking them until you face the right answer for yourself. Sometimes you have to go do research or take a class before you can even begin to know the answers. That’s ok too. My work comes from being that perpetually curious observer that gets you to think about all the stuff you won’t (and don’t) think of.

But here is a BIG answer for you – Starting a business is HARD WORK. It’s getting answers down in a workbook so you can see them right in front of you. It’s asking someone else in your industry that is farther along than you to review it. It is testing it out with your customers and if it doesn’t work, having the TENACITY to tweak it and try again.

It is not $35K in 35 minutes no matter what anyone tells you. 

Sometimes it’s crickets when you go to sell a product. Sometimes it’s running out of stock. You take on the chance of both when you’re running a business. AND it’s incredibly fun, exhausting and exhilarating all at once.

When you do the work in front of you and put in the due diligence to figure out all the parts from finance to finessing your sales pitch, it gets easier.

Love, Laughter & Doing What Lights You Up

I love ending a task list on something I really enjoy. It not only makes getting through the task list more bearable – especially the ones I’ve been putting off.

Life is stressful. We sometimes make it more stressful and sometimes things happen to us that add to the stress.

And it doesn’t matter if we can control it or not – stress is going to come our way. I cure my stress with laughter and love. I like to find the fun in everything – even in the tasks that don’t directly result in getting paid.

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