Pain Points vs Happiness in Marketing

Coaches often have coaches. It’s because we get addicted to growth, expansion, being asked difficult questions, being challenged, put on the spot and held to a higher level of thinking.

We get stuck in our current thought patterns way past the point they no longer serve us. We pick up other people’s beliefs and adopt them as our own but they might not actually be true for us.

We need support just like our clients do.

I’ve been looking for my next level of support and I see a lot of coach websites that dwell on the negative “are you stuck, burnt out, overwhelmed…” mentality.

Like we have to condemn our clients to stress, exhaustion and anguish before they can work with us.

I see this same messaging on magazines and HuffPo. It’s everywhere in a lot of products & services. Entire wellness industries focusing on the negative messaging.

Almost telling us we MUST be tired and burnt out with so much on our plates. We MUST be exhausted because here are 30 ways you can not be exhausted.

That language telling us over and over that we must be burnt out – that’s the exhausting part.

Stop telling me I have to be at rock bottom before I ask for support.

Stop trying to “meet me where I am” when I have no business being there in the first place.

Stop enforcing a society that profits on pain relief instead of prevention.

What about the thriving, abundant, eager but slightly bored clients? What about those happy souls who are ready for nurtured expansion?

What about creating a society for love, compassion, nurturing, caring, supported communities?