Love, Laughter & Doing What Lights You Up

I love ending a task list on something I really enjoy. It not only makes getting through the task list more bearable – especially the ones I’ve been putting off.

Life is stressful. We sometimes make it more stressful and sometimes things happen to us that add to the stress.

And it doesn’t matter if we can control it or not – stress is going to come our way. I cure my stress with laughter and love. I like to find the fun in everything – even in the tasks that don’t directly result in getting paid.

So here’s your challenge going into the weekend: discover or identify what you really love doing in your business that isn’t necessarily your main skill you’re charging for but love it anyways. Me? I LOVE making social media graphics. I love playing with colours, wording, animations and interactivity. I love bringing my thoughts to life visually.

I have one client that LOVES putting her receipts into her spreadsheet. Weird, right?

And we’re going to add this task to our to do list. Every work day. Yup, every work day. Even if it’s just a quick 5-10 minutes of it.

Then we’re going a step further and we’re putting a value on it too. How much is it worth in your business? I know you aren’t necessarily charging for it but what does it do for you. What does it do for your business and how does that impact your clients. Because it ALL has an impact. Even the admin work, the website work, the branding, the making labels, the ad work, the product description work, the answering email work. AND it has value. And it adds to the value you charge for your product and service because YOU are worth it. if someone was doing it for you, you would be paying them right? So track your value as if you were your own employee. You can do this for all the tasks you do that support your business but start with the ones you love the most. Or like the least haha

It’s really useful too when you are ready to hire on support – you’ll already know what these tasks are worth to you.

My social media visuals – they are worth $276 every time I make one and post one. I imagine getting that $276 in payment back from the clients who see it and want to work with me. I get ready for it. I give it the energy it gives me every time I make one.

Tell me what your favourite thing to do in your business that’s not the actual product or service you do and how much is it worth. You #CREATETHERULES.

I’ll send the schedule for the live calls next week but they will be Monday and Tuesday! I’ll have 3 of them at different times and timezones so hopefully you can find one that fits your schedule.