The #1  confidence, mindset & pricing strategy training to perfect your pitch for products & services.

If someone right now asked you what you do, how much you charge for it and what is your guarantee - would you be ready to not only tell them,
but also sell it to them?

Because the BIG difference between barely making it and making a big profit this year is going to be your ability to speak directly to your client or customer and confidently tell them not only why your product or service is designed perfectly for them while delivering the perfect price that makes them LOVE paying you for it. 

Let's just get to the point here. I could woo you with a lot of marketing speak about why you need this program, but you already know why you need it. 

The #1 reason you're not charging full price for your products and packages is you either think you don't deserve it ("I'm just starting out", "I'm not as good as others in my field") or no one will pay what you really want to charge. 

You might have a few other excuses keeping you poor and exhausted, but those are the biggest ones I hear all the time. 

That's just your current level of confidence holding you back from taking your business from poor to prosper. 

Guess what? You don't have to do this alone. There are hundreds of ways to market and sell your products and services, but they won't work for you until YOU believe you can make it work. The Rich Pitch is designed to work on all aspects of your business that takes confidence and knowing your self worth so you can be the powerful, abundant entrepreneur you WANT to be. 

We will uncover the secret to surviving dreaded refunds & rejections while putting together the policies and procedures you need to put into place in order to avoid them all together. Healthy and prosperous boundaries, pivotal progress tracking and money mindset shifts are all in the program to help you navigate a successful business. 

When YOU believe in your business, your clients will too - and that means more sales, more profits and more growth.




You want to easily sell 

your products & services to the best clients

You want to run a

thriving business 

that doesn't run you into the ground

You want to raise your prices on current products & services


It's time to stop undercharging, over delivering and being exhausted while running your business. 

In fact - let's stop running.


Let's build an awesome business that you love.

Give me the next 28 days, I'll give you a lifetime of thriving, prosperous business building with the right prices on your products.


(I already know you do - now it's time you know too)

One of the biggest areas my clients stall their business – whether it’s products or services – is putting the perfect price on their products.

The second biggest stall is actually believing what they create is worth it

Anyone can slap a number on a product and call it a day, but selling it to a client - well that's where we get down to the hard work.

I want every entrepreneur I work with to get their products & services to market. We are seeing a bigger push to move away from the big corporate providers to smaller producers who know how to create stunning products & services their clients love.

The longer you hold off on getting your products to the market, the bigger chance someone will get there first. Normally I would say there is no such thing as competition, but let’s face it when we see someone else doing a similar approach to what we create – what do we do? We freeze up even more.

So the entire purpose of this course is to get you out of that vicious cycle that keeps you struggling to make ends meet every month.

Instead I’ve created the ultimate system to get you not only believing in your worth but also making it easy to sell your products & services to your best customer. The ones who gladly pay your prices and then rave about you to everyone they know because of the incredible value they received. The value YOU gave them.


Why is this Program so Important?

This time - yeah, it's your time

Every day, HUNDREDS of your most VALUABLE potential customers buy a product or service in an online shopping cart or in a store.

Question is…

Are they buying YOURS?

If they aren’t, then why not? The answer to that question will determine your future business success.

Your worth is so much more than the numbers on a price tag. In fact, when I work with my private coaching clients, one of the first things we do is look at their entire life’s worth – the education, the experiences, the products that didn’t work, the ones that did and most importantly what impact their product or service has on their ideal client or customer.

Because that IS where your true worth lies in the perfect pricing structure.

We also look at what you want to earn in a year and then create the products & services that get you there. No sense trying to do it backwards, mindlessly guessing what you should price something. This is a tested process and I can show you exactly how it works and what you can expect from it.


Hi! I'm Marissa Loewen, Transformational Business Coach. I create the magical space where creativity and abundance thrives for entrepreneurs combining my 14 years experience in marketing, communications, pricing strategies and business coaching. I believe that the power behind a thriving business comes from a stunning ability to not only believe your product or service is important but to help your clients and customers know it too. 

I LOVE what I do in the world but I didn't always know that what I am good at was worth putting a price tag on it. 

When I was in high school, we had a project where we had to talk about what our purpose in the world is. I know that I answered “to see what others can’t see for themselves”. At the wise age of 16, I think I meant that I was able to give really genuine, heartfelt compliments to people about aspects that were not the norm. I didn’t focus on their most prominent features and instead watched and listened to find the really great thing about a person so I could let them know it was noticed.

Years later, I looked back and realized I am still doing that in my coaching business. I fully believe that everyone has incredibly stunning talents, skills and qualities that set them apart from others. I also believe that everyone has a point and purpose in the world. As a transformational coach, I help my private clients determine their secret skills and value that sets them apart from others in their field and how to charge their full worth.

But I wouldn’t be half as good at it if I didn’t do it for myself first.

While I could easily help others figure out their worth, I had a hard time determining mine. What made me so different in the world and why would anyone want to pay me for it? This began even in my early days working in corporate. I never negotiated my wage until I discovered I was in demand. I started getting offers in when I was perfectly happy in a dream job. Headhunters and other businesses were contacting me to entice me to other locations across the country. Because I had nothing to lose (remember, I was in a job I loved) I could very easily ask for more income to see what the company was willing to give to have me. I didn’t stop at income either – I asked for additional vacation and benefits as well.

The stronger I was in knowing how much value I could bring to their business, the easier it became to asking for what I really wanted out of the corporate job.

When I launched my own business, I again tapped into what I could do for my clients and how it would absolutely change their life and business. Showing them how I could shorten the time for them to start achieving huge returns in their business meant I could tell them my prices and they knew it was a fit for them.

Even when I create physical products, I tap into how they will make my customers lives easier, better, happier or more colourful. I talk about not only their uses but what it would be like for them with that product in their life.

Knowing my true worth means I am only working with clients and customers that also know and appreciate MY true worth. 

I'm combining my 14+ years in marketing & communications plus 6 years owning my own businesses to give you the very best strategies for your business. 

Let's do this together.

When you discover the secret to stepping into this massive power of knowing your worth, you will also receive:

This is where you get to create your own rules

Incredible clients who love what you do or make for them. In fact, they will rave about you to others like them who will then become your new customers. 

More ease & flow in your business because you are spending less time hustling and more time creating sweet products & packages your audience craves.

Opportunities to be an expert in your field such as public speaking, magazine & podcast interviews and even as a sought-after contributor to major publications – online & in print.

Credibility and legitimacy in what you do. When you know your self-worth, others will know it too.

What will your life & business be like when you fully and powerfully step into charging what you're really worth?


This program is a powerful mix of what I have learned and developed over the years as an online marketer, communicator, business coach and as an entrepreneur.

It takes the right mixture of branding, marketing, pricing strategy and transformational mindset shifts to help you step into your full power as an entrepreneur.

There are practical exercises for your business and intuitive worksheets that will help you create confidence in yourself and your business. This program will help you develop the trust you desire to confidently charge what you’re truly worth. PLUS you will create the best prices for your business.

You will get ALL 16 modules plus bonuses right away and for the lifetime of this course for you to do the real work in setting up your prices for success. PLUS I've created a series of motivational emails & challenges to keep you going through them all.  


  • Is Self-worth possible for everyone?  
  • How to Believe You’re Awesome so Others Believe it Too
  • Boundaries, Bedtime and Being a Boss  
  • Your Make Money Mantra



  • Pricing for Products & Packages: How to get Paid your True Worth
  • Use the Force: How your Worth Works for You 
  • Creating your Profit Plan
  •  How to Increase Your Prices 
  • Fear of Success or Fear of Failure
  • How to Make your Fear work FOR you, not Against You
  • Signs, Symptoms & Sagas: How to Self-coach Yourself to Success
  • The Roundtable: Surrounding Yourself with Powerful Allies  
  • Perfecting the Pitch
  • How to Customize it for Different Uses & Audiences  
  • From Suck to Success: How to Sell Without being “Salesy”
  • TrendWatch: Everyday Evidence you can Count on


I've handpicked the perfect program bonuses from other experts to help you in discovering and charging your true worth. These are the secrets from successful entrepreneurs in generating consistent and thriving income.

BIZ Check: Top 3 Systems for Massive Business Confidence

Fearless Boundaries

Walk away with knowing the EXACT robust systems you NEED for your business to not only survive but THRIVE. Veronica Yanhs is the expert in creating organization and ease in all your business foundational systems.

Stepha LaFond, Leadership & Success Coach

Veronica Yanhs, Business Fluidity Expert, Biz Laid Bare

Fearless Boundaries Video Series empowers entrepreneurs like you to create boundaries so you can achieve the freedom you crave in your life and business.


The Secret to Price & Power: 

Mindset & Manifestation to Make You a Money Magnet

The Rich Pitch 90-Day ePlanner


Get started now on the modules, receive all the bonuses above and then join us LIVE as we dive into powerful mindset & confidence exercises to keep you moving forward in your business. 

Each week we will go through LIVE group calls, extra bonus modules and guided mindset exercises together. Ask me pricing questions, get live mindset coaching in the group calls & meet the other participants in the Rich Pitch community!

You need to talk to Marissa Loewen! I've done both her Rich Pitch program and one-on-one coaching with her. She's the difference between learning about it theoretically and having structure, accountability and external viewpoints to make the change.

Jenifer Horvath,

"You need to talk to Marissa..."

Jennifer Rollins,

Build Create Grow Agency

Shannon Ebbesen,

She Does Create Jewelry

I’ve been a long-term client and I can’t say enough amazing things about her ability to move me through blocks and come up with strategies to really take my life and abilities to the next level.

Taking the bold step of charging my worth and placing my signature pieces front and centre has caused me to come into my creative power and confidence. I know I am no longer "just" making jewellery with beads and chain, but creating works that stir people's souls

"...strategies to really take my life & abilities to the next level"

"...come into my creative power & confidence"

16 Powerful Confidence, Mindset & Pricing Modules


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Disclaimer:  Earnings are not guaranteed. 

Like all good things, your success is based on what you're willing to put into it.

The good news is you get to define what your success is.

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