Why The Rich Pitch?

We spend a lot of time worrying what people think of us. When we’re entrepreneurs, that worry is passed along to the products & services we create.

For the most part, the worry is far worse than the reality. But when we’re responsible for being the face of our products & services and personal branding is a big focus in today’s marketing strategies, how we pitch ourselves and our products is how we can predict our ultimate success.

A sales pitch doesn’t always come with the best associations or connotations. We think of door-to-door or used car salesmen. We think of intrusions and snake oil tactics to part us with our hard earned money. When we break down the words – the pitch – it feels like we’re the batter and we’re trying to hit all those sales balls hurling at us at lightening speed just so we can move forward.

But a sales pitch is in reality in everything we see and do. In politics, in University course outlines, in advertisements, in movies and even in our personal relationships. It’s the power of persuasion to bring people and communities together with a shared interest. It’s getting groundswell on change, lobbying for government reform and even in the dating and courtship process.

Persuasion is what runs the world. Getting consensus allows society to move forward and create positive, lasting change throughout the world.

Persuading your clients & customers to purchase from you is necessary. It means you’re able to keep food on the table and fund your vacations. It means that you can employ others so they can do the same in their lives. It’s what keeps both our local and global economies moving.

I know that all of the negative connotations related to selling still exist. Even with the fact that our world revolves around creating healthy economies.

We hear and we create stories about why we can’t sell our products and services.

They sound like:

  • “Why should someone buy my products over someone else’s?”
  • “I haven’t been in business that long, I can’t charge full price.”
  • “What if I am being spammy?”
  • “What if no one buys from me?”
  • “What if they ask for a discount?”
  • “Why do I have the right to do this?”
  • “There isn’t any customers who would pay the price I want to charge”
  • “I want to work with people who can’t afford my competitor’s products or services.”

There are so many more – but that’s a good start. Any of them in your mind right now?

I started The Rich Pitch – the podcast, the TV segments, the Pitch Points and most importantly the Program so that entrepreneurs can know they are not alone in their self discovery of confidence and worth in the process of building their business. That it CAN take time but it is also completely achievable. Even more importantly than their business thriving is that their relationships also thrive as a results of the power and abundance that comes tumbling in when you’re standing in your confidence. When you’re selling your products & services with ease and joy, you will always be refreshed and energized in your business. When you’re getting paid your full worth and the full worth of your products & services, your clients & customers will also love and appreciate you even more.

Come join me – let’s perfect our pitches to step into an even louder calling.